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3. How has the film been marketed to ensure it successfully reaches its target audience?

Official Website
20th Century Fox have created a huge viral marketing campaign for Avatar.  On the official website for the movie,, the introduction page is full of quotes from newspapers, reviews, ratings and the awards the film is nominated for.


Seeing all this hype around the film and all these quotes which all say how incredible the film is captivates and interests the audience making them want to find out more.  After this, the website automatically directs you to a trailer of the film, on this page there are links to ‘enter the official site’ and ‘purchase tickets’, this shows people have easy access to seeing the film.  


Once you get onto the main website page, it looks very professional and expensive.  Everything is of an extremely high quality, the pictures, the scrollbars etc.  The background looks like another world and the special effects look amazing, so the website is giving the audience a preview of what the special effects in the film would be like making the audience want to go and see it.  The website provides the audience with all the information they need about the film and the links to the Facebook, Myspace and Twitter pages for the film and also a link to the Youtube channel.



Century 20th Fox used Facebook as a way to target the younger generation, as they are the generation that goes to the cinema most and uses the internet most so the film can reach a wider audience, therefore creating bigger profit so 20th Century Fox and Facebook are working in synergy with each other as this benefits both companies.  The Facebook page allows people to both read and write comments, look at and add images and video’s from the film.  It also allows you to ‘Become a fan’ of the movie and Facebook page which means you can also communicate with other fans of the film and the whole thing makes the audience feel really involved in the film.

Twitter,, and Myspace,, are similar to Facebook in that you can leave comments and there is links to the official website etc.

Avatar has it’s own Youtube channel,, which has links to all the trailers, the teaser and the extended version, interviews with James Cameron and the stars of the film, some production video’s and also Youtube video’s advertising the video game and iPod game. 


Over 9 million people have watched the extended Avatar trailer on Youtube which proves it’s a great way to market the film.  Also over 51,000 people have commented on the trailer, showing that Youtube is a great way for fans of the film communicate with each other.


Posters have been advertised in newspapers, magazines, billboards, in cinema’s etc. to market the film.  These posters again state that James Cameron is the director and say a few of the films he has directed using star power to gain more audience. 


The trailer looks visually outstanding and is very action-packed with dramatic music playing in the background for effect, it also gives the audience a preview of the technology and the special effects you would see in the film, this would make people want to go and pay to see it in 3D at the cinema.  It gives a lot more information than the teaser trailer as we actually hear some conversation between the characters.  At the end of the trailer, it says written and directed by James Cameron, this markets the film well as people know James Cameron is a huge Hollywood director and has directed classic films such as Titanic and huge Hollywood blockbusters such as Terminator and Aliens.  This trailer was also shown on UK TV in adverts on Channel 4, E4 and Film 4 which broad-casts the film to a wide range of people as Channel 4 is family orientated and E4 is more for the younger generation.

LG and Coke Zero
Both LG and Coke Zero are working in synergy with 20th Century Fox as if they advertise Avatar with their products, their products will be advertised with the film so they both have a wider distribution benefitting and profiting them both.

LG is a worldwide known company and have created a website,, for their new mobile phone the LG expo.  The website advertises both the LG expo and Avatar together and contains loads of information about both.  The LG expo is their new phone using very advanced and high technology as people can digitally project 3D images, video’s and documents.  This relates to Avatar as it’s 3D and very advanced/high technology so this targets people who are fans of high technology.

Coke Zero have also created a website,, the website is meant to be in the Avatar world and some is sending  transmissions from the planet ‘Pandora’ telling people on Earth about the Avatar programme.  On the website you can “recruit yourself and friends to become part of the Avatar programme”, when you recruit yourself you have to put your details on so then 20th Century Fox can send you more information about the film promoting it further.  Also the coke can advertises this website and the film:


Video Game
This is an example of cross media convergence as 20th Century Fox and Ubisoft have worked together to create the Avatar game which could be played on the Xbox 360, Nintendo DS and Wii, PS3 and iPhone.  The game is meant to be of a much higher quality than any other game and game-players can play the game in 3D which will be a much bigger incentive to them to play the game and also to go and see the film.  On the game website,, you have put it your date of birth as this helps 20th Century Fox find out their target audience so then they can narrow-cast more towards them.  Releasing the game on December 1st 2009 before the film which was released on December 18th 2009 was a really good way to market the film as people who play the game will want to go and see the film and it gets the film more talked about as word of mouth will go round.  There is also a trailer for the game on Youtube with links to watch the movie trailer, this again targets the youger audience.  


The world premiere of Avatar was in London at the Leicester Square Odeon.  They used a blue carpet as this goes with the theme of the film and makes the premiere stand out from others.  The premiere brings a lot of publicity to the film as the stars of the film will have done interviews which will be on TV and in newspapers and magazines and the celebrities at the premiere will have been pictured and will be in newspapers and magazines.  This star power will get people talking about the film and going to see it.

James Cameron
James Cameron’s name has been used to advertise the film with all different media’s referring to the film as ‘James Cameron’s Avatar’, this will attract a lot audience to the film as he is a huge very well known Hollywood director, he directed the classic film ‘Titanic’ which won him 3 Oscars.  He has also directed many massive Hollywood blockbusters such as Terminator 1 and 2, Aliens, True Lies and many more.  Also fans of James Cameron himself will want to see it.

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