Thursday, 7 January 2010

5. Who is the target audience and how have they been targeted in the UK?

The target audience of this film is teenagers, young adults and people interested in technology and it’s development.  The 12A certificate reflects this and shows it’s also been targeted at families.  
The release on 18th December 2009 was a really good weekend to open as it was the weekend that schools broke up for the Christmas break and the weather was really bad so a lot of people would go to the cinema.

20th Century Fox have targeted their main audience, teenagers and young adults, very well as they’ve used the internet marketing the film virally online.  As the younger generation uses the internet a lot and use a lot more technology, they picked up on this and used Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Youtube and many other websites to narrow-cast the film to this audience.  This has obviously been a huge success as the box office numbers show.  Also releasing the game before the film was a very effective way to target teenagers, especially boys, as people who play the game would want to go and see the film.  

The game got a lot of media coverage, this makes more people aware of the game so the film and the game are working in synergy with each other as they help market each other.  20th Century Fox’s campaign with LG directly targeted people interested in technology as LG is all about using new technology.  Again the companies were working in synergy as they helped promote each other.  Also, the fact that people interested in technology would most likely have the most advanced technology and be able to access, for example, Youtube anywhere, anytime was a really good way of getting the film talked about between friends and families etc.

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