Thursday, 7 January 2010

4. Where and how is the film being exhibited in the UK?

Avatar is being exhibited in all Cinemas in the UK, showing on 485 screens across the country.  IMAX cinemas have been the popular cinemas to see Avatar, where tickets were sold out instantly and the screens were packed for the first few weeks of its release.  People want to see it in IMAX 3D as it’s new and creates a whole new atmosphere for the audience, also as there has been such a huge hype around the film and it’s 3D special effects and how it’s meant to “change cinema forever”, people will want to experience that for themselves and both the cinemas and 20th Century Fox will make a huge profit from this.  Although there are cheaper screenings in 2D too if people didn’t want to pay extra for the 3D so again it appeals to more audience, this takes away from the whole point of the film though as they won’t be able to experience and watch the film the way it was made and how the director intended it to be watched.

Avatar was released on December 18th 2009 and on it's opening weekend in the UK the film took over £8.5 million, it stormed the UK box office taking the Number 1 spot in the UK too continuing from it’s US success.  It topped the box office by a long way with St. Trinians at Number 2 making £1.5 million, which on a regular week would have secured the top spot, so there a huge difference and this proves what a massive success the film has been.  According to an article in telegraph, Avatar: Changing the face of cinema forever, at the IMAX in Waterloo “Advance bookings have broken global records for a single screen: at the Waterloo IMAX alone, Avatar already had 47,487 ticket sales (a gross of more than £600,000) a day before it opened.

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